About me

Hi, my name is Wendy Odey, I have spent over 28 years working in General Practice as a Nurse and have seen many patients with a wide range of health conditions, some of which we can only help them manage their symptoms ie chronic pain, chronic fatigue syndrome, anxiety. 



NZ Registered Nurse, Psych

Adv.NLP Coach Clin Hyp

Dip. Clin NLP Coach

Lightning Process Practitioner Training

 Master Practitioner NLP

Pain Management Nurse

My interest in Neuroscience started when my daughter became unwell about five years ago and spent many months undiagnosed with chronic leg pains and numerous other symptoms.

She spent 8 months in a wheelchair before being diagnosed with Complex Regional Pain Syndrome, Central Neural Sensitisation and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. She spent a week in Starship Hospital and the next few months in a Children's Rehabilitation Hospital. She had amazing staff and we are very grateful for their care. When she was discharged she was walking with elbow crutches but still had CFS, blotchy painful legs, food allergies and was on very strong pain relief which only dulled her leg pain.


Desperate to get her well I heard of the success of the Lightning Process®. I was sceptical at first but we had nothing to lose. Retraining of the brain, 'the brain produces pain' it made sense. After day 2 of the training her legs had returned to normal colour, her limp and circulation improved dramatically. By the end of day 3 she was transformed, the excruciating leg pain she was living with each day had resolved as did the CFS within a matter of weeks.


She had missed 80% of school that year and could quickly return to normal hours. Seeing this transformation I wondered what if I could learn this. I see clients who live with chronic health problems every day. How great would it be to help them improve their lives too!! I enjoyed working as a Lightning process practitioner in Christchurch for a couple of years and found it so rewarding helping clients regain wellness. In December 2018 I got the opportunity to work as a Nurse on a Pain Management Team in Christchurch which I still really enjoy. I have designed this Neural retraining programme combining my skills learnt over the years of Nursing, training at the Phil Parker Institute in  London and attending continued education as the world of 'brain science' fascinates me so much. Time and time again I have seen patients heal their physical injuries by helping them recognise and change their neurological, belief and behaviour patterns that have been keeping the nervous system on 'high alert'. I am passionate about helping people make changes and I have seen many clients who were living with chronic symptoms recover.  I have designed the Neural retraining programme and each client session to not only help people influence their own health and well-being but to inspire them to be the best version of themselves that they can be. To not only give them hope but to challenge themselves, regain confidence and happiness in their lives!!  This training gives clients a range of different tools and strategies to put into practice when needed.