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Step one: The first step is to read through the information on this website under the tabs -

'What is neural retraining?'

'benefits' and  'course information'.

Step two: If this is something you would like to know more about then the second step is to email me on and I will arrange a time to have a chat over the phone to discuss symptoms etc and assess if neural retraining is something I would recommend for you.

Step three: If you fit the criteria then  I email you a neural retraining application form and further details of the course.

You are to fill out the application form online and email this back to me.


Course information


Neural retraining:

The Neural retraining  programme is a small, inter-active informal group of about 5-6 people. 

The course fee is $600.00 (inc. GST) - approx. 10 hrs of training/ coaching.


The fee includes:

  • Pre-course discussions and assessment.

  • 3x three hour sessions of neural retraining. 

  • I am doing  trainings in Christchurch on a  Friday and Saturday afternoon from 1-4pm and the third session a week later on a Saturday.  

  • Two weeks following the group training I do a one-on-one follow up appointment via phone or telehealth.

  • Post-training information hand out.


Online payment of the course fee is payable once your application has been accepted prior to the course starting.

Sleep support programme: I also offer a sleep support programme which is a one-on-one session of 2 hours (including  a half hour follow up appointment)

The price for the sleep support programme is $240.00 (inc. GST)  


Life-coaching sessions:  I also offer individual appointments for clients if needed. The price is $120.00 per hour.                                                                                                                      



Course dates for 2020:

To be confirmed - please email for course dates.





To find out more about how Neural retraining can help you or if you have any questions please contact me via email:


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