NLP Life Coaching sessions

$200.00 per session

The sessions are individualised depending on the client’s needs.

I use NLP tools to guide the client through the stages of the coaching sessions to get the results you desire and deserve. I use intentional, transformational language and practical exercises to inspire you to 'un-train' your brain of what no longer serves you in your life. This unique training teaches you how to re-train your mindset to be set for success. This had a positive impact on your physiology.

Coaching sessions vary, some clients wish to use sessions to discover:

  • How to identify and use their personal strengths and values to solve current problems

  • Set and achieve goals

  • Develop confidence and resilience to overcome challenges

  • Removing blocks to success

  • Developing confidence and communication skills

  • Conflict resolution

To change your belief & hence outcome
To stay positive & overcome challenges
To overcome unwanted habits

Benefits of effective NLP techniques

To feel any emotional state you desire
To create rapport with anyone you desire
To live a happier & fulfilling life
To programme you unconscious mind to think positively