Pain Management Sessions

$200.00 per session

Essential to learn ways you can influence and decrease persisting pain

Clients report these sessions are life-changing, they teach you how to apply strategies and tools to start to influence the way your nervous system works.

Sometimes you may feel powerless and feel that medication is the only thing that will decrease the pain.  You may have tried many other treatments and spent a lot of money on seeing varied health care professionals only to still be in pain.

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The pain management sessions provide the latest neuroscience education and understanding of pain mechanisms, we cover pain and stress psychology, discussing the importance of neuroplasticity and the brain, I also teach you a combination of skills to down regulate the nervous system allowing the nervous system to reset. Strategies include breathing, CBT tools, GMI, desensitisation techniques, trance induction and many other strategies if needed.

Sessions will vary for different clients as each client experience is very individual.

A pre-screening programme and discussion on diagnosis (if any?) testings, imaging and Dr’s recommendations is done prior to acceptance into these sessions. I may make recommendations to other health care professionals if I feel this is appropriate as pain is often a MDT approach. i.e. Pain physio, Pain Specialist Dr etc.

I provide a flare up pacing plan for clients to use if needed.



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Clients who have benefited from these sessions:

  • Complex regional pain syndrome

  • Persisting pain after an injury

  • Fibromyalgia/ polymyalgia

  • CFS/ME

  • Central neural sensitisation syndrome

  • Chronic migraines/ chronic pelvic pain