Sessions to reduce stress and anxiety

$200.00 per session

Learning strategies to decrease anxiety, overwhelm and over-thinking.


These sessions are popular for teenagers, clients with work pressures and clients who tend to overthink, have physical symptoms of anxiety and for clients who want to learn ways to decrease stress, promoting calmness, resilience and confidence.

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Stress is an unconscious response (you don’t get up in the morning and decide you want to be stressed today) and often you can be aware of it but feel powerless to change it and even with conscious efforts you may find it difficult to create lasting change. You may even be aware of your own self-limiting behaviours and negative outcomes. Sessions teach you techniques and remarkable tools which can give you the power to make long lasting change. You can apply the tools to many different aspects of your life.


Short term stress is necessary but when stress progresses over an extended period of time the body’s adaptive response becomes maladaptive and this can cause negative physical and psychological effects.


Stress can be multifactorial, stressors can be from the environment, other people, your lifestyle, life experiences (big or small) and the way we perceive things. Stress can also be due to work/study/school, pain, anxiety, social media, overthinking, suppressed emotions, trauma etc. It can also come from the way we view the world and perceive eperiences/life, habits, negative self-talk/ your view of yourself. What may not be stressful for one person can be extremely stressful for another.

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Client’s often report achieving the following from sessions:


  • Overcoming fears and anxiety

  • Decreasing stress and burnout, learning how to respond in a more appropriate way to the stressors of life

  • Improving motivation

  • Improved focus and awareness – mental clarity

  • Increased confidence and resilience

  • Positive assertive behaviour

  • Removing blocks to success

  • Smashing self-limiting beliefs

  • Regaining the power to influence any unuseful thoughts

  • Releasing negative emotions from the past – (suppressed emotions) clients often feel lighter and have a shift in their physiology after this.

  • An increase in energy levels empowering the client!!