The below testimonials are from when I was seeing clients as a  Lightning ProcessPractitioner. I have not asked clients  (yet) for testimonials since doing Neural retraining but have left these testimonials on this site as it is testimony of some of my work.

I have seen time and time again clients recover from physical symptoms with a retraining of the brain programme.  I have worked with clients who have recovered after been unwell in bed for a few years with chronic fatigue. Clients who have been living with constant nausea, anxiety and chronic pain recover. See below for some examples.


This is the reason I have decided  to restart my training again and offer this outside of the Pain Programme as I have many enquiries and I am extremely passionate about this because I have seen results.


Chronic fatigue was by far the hardest thing that I have ever experienced in my life. The physical pain and emotional suffering not to mention brain fog, confusion and at times depression were really challenging. When I initially heard about the Lightning Process through an article I read, I was sceptical and I thought it sounded fantastical, and I didn't pursue it. About a month later I was lucky enough to reconnect with an old friend who I discovered had also had Chronic Fatigue and had done the Lighting Process to recover. That connection made it easy for me to make the decision that I could also do it and have a positive result too. I am so so grateful to have had the opportunity to do the Lightning Process in December 2017 as it was the turning point for me, and like flicking a switch out of fatigue. The skills I learnt are so valuable for anyone as it really empowers you to make change in your life. By day two was was already thinking about how I could use it in other areas of my life like for the chronic pain from an old sports injury and a food intolerance to garlic. I am proud to say since December I was able to train and run my first 10 km in April and celebrated with a friends and a garlic flavoured roast. I've got my life back, and it's it such a better life now after everything that I've learnt on the journey.

Wendy was such a great teacher. She is so warm and understanding and really provided me with the support that helped me realise what is possible. 

Liz   (Australia)


The Lightning Process is life changing and truly life giving.

I am a young mum of two little kids under three, and for the first time I feel like I am able to truly enjoying the craziness that each day brings.

Before Lightning Process, I had lived for years with CFS, along with some anxiety and depression. The effects of these illnesses were heartbreaking. I couldn't walk 5 minutes down the road to the playground with my kids. Bringing my daughter to kinder would exhaust me for at least the rest of the day. Communication and memory function was a constant battle, and the brain fog was so concerning that I would only drive short distances. I became quite isolated because any socialising would wipe me out for days. I spent a lot of time on the couch while my sweet kids played around me. I was living with constant guilt, grief, and self-hatred because I felt I was failing as a mum, wife, and friend.

Like others, I tried countless treatments/approaches, but I continued to deteriorate. It all felt very hopeless. Eventually we found the Lighting Process through a friend who had also suffered CFS. When you've had so many failed attempts at getting well, it's hard not to be sceptical with things that sound too good to be true. After some investigation though, I flew to Christchurch from Melbourne to attend the three-day course with Wendy. I endeavoured to go with an open minded and give it my best shot. After all, If others could have incredible results, why not me?

Wendy was so lovely and wonderful to work with. I was amazed at the differences I noticed after day one, by day three I was walking all around Christchurch for hours, feeling incredible!

It's been a month since I attended the Lightning Process, and I couldn't be more pleased! I am still occasionally using the tools I learned but rarely have to make a conscious effort at it. I am going for long walks and riding bikes with my family; dancing with my kids has become a regular part of each day. I love reconnecting with friends and I’m experiencing so much clarity now that my brain fog is non-existent. Situations that used to cause anxiety/panic are no longer an issue, and I have a new joy and appreciation for the simple things that make up each day. The cost of the program was a big consideration for us as we are a single-income family, but we are so thrilled with the outcome! Plus, we are no longer needing to pay for medications and other day-to-day expenses that come with needing extra support. As a family we are breathing much deeper, our days are full of sweet laughter. We are so excited to do all the things that were on our "can't do" list, and more!

Thank you Wendy & the Lightning Process!
xo Rach  (Australia)


"Our son was 10 when he suddenly became nauseous on a daily basis. Blood tests showed nothing out of the ordinary. He went from bad to worse and basically missed 90 percent of his last year at primary school. We went from doctor to doctor trying to find an answer. 3 separate people suggested the LP. I finally took notice on the third mention of it and started to investigate whether it could work for our son. Wendy was so approachable and gave us the confidence we needed to try it out. We did the pre reading before the course so hit the ground running...and what a difference to our son! He had it within the first day and has gone from strength to strength! I can't thank Wendy and the LP enough for giving us our son back!!!"


- Liz (NZ)


"I’m 40 yr old stay at home mum. I have suffered from Chronic Fatigue for I know for sure 10 years but we believe it to be a lot longer than that (more like 25 years). I also had anxiety and depression which meant this year I spent some time in a mental health hospital ward. I lacked the energy to do most things. Everything was getting very negative and I was on a slow downhill spiral that I couldn’t see the end of.
So then comes along Wendy and the Lightning Process®. It was a fantastic relaxed atmosphere, where I felt able to share and participate in the different activities that have helped me to a better life. After the seminar I started swimming again and am able to sit on the floor and play with my 2 1/2 year old daughter (something that I hadn’t done since she was born). I continue to use the process on a daily bases but have already noticed I’m not needing to use it as much. I have also managed to come off some of the medication I was on for anxiety. Good luck with the Lightning Process it has been a very rewarding step forward in my life."

- Lanie (NZ)